CHSLD: only 62% of users took their 3rd dose

CHSLD: only 62% of users took their 3rd dose

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At a time when France will force the inoculation of a third dose of vaccine against COVID-19 in all 18 years and over to curb the pandemic, the situation seems to slow down in Quebec among populations at risk, despite the increase in cases.

According to figures obtained by pharmacist and professor at the University of Montreal Diane Lamarre, the third dose was not given massively in CHLSDs, places particularly at risk for infections.

Of the 40,000 eligible CHSLD users, only 24,969 in-between received the “booster”, according to figures from the ministry of Health as of Wednesday.

“We were told the surgery was pretty well completed. In CHSLDs, that's barely 62% of people. People are free to take the third dose or not. In CHSLDs, these are people who will not be able to move easily afterwards to pick her up, ”lamented Diane Lamarre during her column to Mario Dumont.

“ Did we do a good approach to these people? ”asked the expert.

Thus, more than 15,000 CHSLD users have not received the third dose necessary to prolong immunity.

In private seniors' residences (RPA), where the operation is not yet complete, 99,625 people received it out of 136,000 eligible people.

In addition, the distribution of the third dose to health workers, vaccinated a little over 7-8 months ago, should also get started.

“Let's not wait to be vulnerable!” We know it's coming, we will have a decline in the effectiveness of the immunity conferred by the vaccine. Let's vaccinate these people … We are having certain contexts that are very risky. We know the limits of the vaccine, we must absolutely counteract these limits and act as quickly as possible, ”concluded Ms. Lamarre.

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