CHSLD: Trudeau promises of aid from the federal government, but remains cautious

CHSLD: Trudeau promet de l'aide du fédéral, mais reste prudent

OTTAWA-The prime minister Justin Trudeau promises that the federal government will go to help the provinces to address gaps in the centers of long-term care, particularly in Quebec, but remains cautious on how this should be achieved in order not to create conflict on the respect of provincial jurisdictions.

“These are all discussions that we can and that we must have between the prime ministers. For the moment, our priority is to ensure that the assistance you need now for the system, whether by the armed Forces, or other means, will be there,” is simply to say Mr. Trudeau on Wednesday.

A few minutes earlier, Quebec released a report prepared by the military sent in reinforcements in a score of CHSLD affected by the crisis of the COVID-19. The latter raises “issues of concern” in the eyes of Justin Trudeau, as a lack of staff and the difficulty of restricting travel between the hot zones and cold zones.

He stressed, however, that most of the “elements troubling” had been mentioned by Quebec to justify its request for assistance of the canadian armed Forces (CAF).

More than 1000 military shoulder 25 CHSDL of Greater Montreal. The deployment is scheduled to end on 12 June, but the government of québec of François Legault wants the mission to be extended until 15 September.

“We’re not going to be able to continue this time because we don’t have the staff. When our people work seven days a week, this is not viable”, however, has reported the minister of Defence, Harjit Sajjan, in an interview for the CBC. He noted that several members of the FAC have contracted the COVID-19, and that the medical workforce should eventually return to serve in the army in its regular terms.

“At the same time, we will work with the province to come up with a solution so that these institutions will have support. I am sure that we will find a plan, one that is viable for the armed Forces,” he added

On Tuesday, the Ontario unveiled as a report of the FAC to the conclusions overwhelming, from observations of an infestation of cockroaches in institutions for the elderly to the observation of aggressive behaviour of the staff.

Prime minister Trudeau has indicated that he will raise the issue of the conditions of the elderly in the institutions of long-term care during his weekly call on Thursday evening, with his counterparts in the provinces and territories.

It is, however, stingy with details on the role he believes the federal government should play in this folder. It is well guarded to clarify its intentions on the possibility of offering a targeted funding, the increase in health transfers or to launch a national survey.

“Of course, there will be several important discussions as we move forward on the issue of determining how to establish a better system in Canada. I’m not going to short-circuit the conversation by putting forward proposals aggressive”, he said.

For his part, the chief bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet press Ottawa to reduce its share of funding for health care through transfers to the tune of 50 %.

The New democratic Party wishes that Mr. Trudeau’s “leadership”, avoids “the excuse of the courts” and to develop national standards to be complied with in the establishments of long-term care, while extending the more money for these centres.


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