CHSLD: we know where the government has failed

CHSLD: we know where the government has failed

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It is fashionable to ask for a commission of public inquiry into the tragedy in CHSLDs.

Everyone seems to believe in its relevance. Allow me the dissent.

This public inquiry would make it possible to lift the veil on the tragedy of the CHSLDs and to dissect the bankruptcy of a system, a good thing in itself.

However, the problem is not the nature of the investigation , the problem is that the veil is already lifted. The failures of the system, we already know them. The problems, too.

Let us remember them: a hospital-centered vision devaluing everything that is foreign to it – first and foremost the CHSLDs -, a shortage of personnel and a ministry incapable of keeping the time. just on its own establishments.

Reports, here it is

We know the problems because they have already been studied. And they continue to be.

No less than four surveys dissect the system. The Ombudsperson, the Health Commissioner, the Coroner and the Auditor General have produced or will produce reports.

A public inquiry would be a fifth way of looking into the crisis.

< p> A higher level of reporting will ultimately lead to even more confusion, and even less accountability.


In chorus, the opposition parties are calling for a public inquiry.

They dream of a François Legault in the dock, forced to answer thorny questions.

To them listen, we sometimes have the impression that it is not so much an investigation that they want, but rather a trial of the government in place which is likely to continue until the election next October.

< p> Let me be clear: it is a human catastrophe that took place in the CHSLDs. The CAQ bears the responsibility.

But whatever, we are not facing a system of corruption or the appointment of judges whose investigation would reveal the extent of the machinations. We know where the government has failed.

This is why I believe that a new round of collective soul-searching is not a necessity.

CHSLD: we know where the government has failed

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