Chucky : the terrifying doll returns in a series, big surprise to provide

Chucky : la terrifiante poupée de retour dans une série, grosse surprise à prévoir

Chucky : the terrifying doll returns in a series

Tired of killing people in the cinema, the doll Chucky will soon disembark in a series on Syfy. And this time, this terrible creature will reveal to us its secrets. Attention spoilers.

A little bit of originality to the tv, it is always a good thing. Ah bah not, it will not be finally for this time. Then that Chucky has made a habit of haunting the halls of cinema through films of more evil, it is in our living rooms that the doll evil will soon prevail. Yippee.

Chucky to return in a series

Syfy just announced it has ordered a full season of a series focused on the puppet psychopath. The program ? According to initial information, he should not expect a lot of surprises : “In this series, a city will know the chaos when an old doll Chucky is going to appear at a vide grenier. Immediately, a series of horrific murders is going to lead to the revelation of the terrible secrets of this town“. In short, the classic for the license.

Solely on the ground of interest, Don Mancini – the father of this franchise, will use the series to deepen its universe. While the synopsis adds, “enemies and allies of the past of Chucky are coming to bring light to the truth“, TVLine says that this truth should be the origin story of the doll. In other words ? It should finally “understand how a child’s ordinary is transformed into a monster.

Anyway, this series horror will never be worse than the new fads of the creators of The Walking Dead.

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