Churches will want to reopen their doors

Les églises veulent rouvrir leurs portes

The catholic churches are impatient and say they are willing to reopen their doors to believers, then that starts the déconfinement in the province.

“But it’s radio silence on the government side,” said Archbishop Peter Murray, general secretary of the Assembly of catholic bishops of Quebec.

It was noted that a new protocol to be followed for the recovery of the religious ceremonies in the time of a pandemic and to minimize the risk of spread of the coronavirus has been sent to all dioceses and to the government.

Communion changed

The communion is particularly transformed in the era of the COVID-19.

For example, ministers are hidden that give the host in silence, and alleys one-way, to keep his distance. The ritual is also done without physical contact and with hand sanitizer nearby.

“I think we did our homework and we’re ready to go, but there was no dialogue,” says Archbishop Murray, adding feel the impatience and frustration among priests than among believers.

Mourning pushed back

This last thought especially to the thousands of Quebecers who have lost a loved one in recent weeks and that push their mourning in anticipation of the celebration of a funeral.

“When you hear the government is concerned about the mental health of the people, I don’t think this is a good idea to keep a grief inside,” he says.

The churches have asked permission to host small gatherings under strict conditions, of 10 persons and less, for example, to mark the death of a loved one.

“Our churches are much larger than the funeral, the social distancing is not a problem,” argues Peter Murray. But this request was rejected.

All the churches would not have to re-open in a single blow, no more, ” continues Archbishop Murray.

“We are the last to want to become a focus of outbreak, but it is entirely possible to create safe spaces for worship,” he says.

According to him, there has been a lack of recognition of the State towards the religious leaders and believers since the beginning of the crisis.

The secretary-general stresses that the people of christian, jewish or muslim have had to give up major holidays in order to respect the containment.

A thanks would have been appreciated, ” he said.

Modules games expected

The mother of three children aged two to nine years, May James is eager to let them play in the parks, and modules of Montreal.

“This would be great for us, as the pools also, to have a place to play, but monitor the washing of hands,” says this mom.

For the moment, his children to enjoy the bike and the skateboard.

“There are few places for the children, it becomes difficult to enjoy yourself outside “, she said.

– Hugo Duchaine

Campsites look forward

Co-owner of a campground in the eastern Townships, Marie-Laurence Binette believes that the summer season will not be profitable without an opening by mid-June.

Already, she calculated to have lost about $ 10,000 by cancelling all bookings made this winter for the last weekend.

“The sooner the better,” she said. But if at least we had a date. “

It has already equipped the docking station of plexiglas panels and hand sanitizer. It attaches also to the posters reminding us to keep 2 m distance and wash their hands.

It ensures that the 150 pitches on the Campsite of the Covered Bridge are also sufficiently large and spaced out to avoid crowding.

– Hugo Duchaine

Coaches forgotten

The recovery is done wait for training rooms, including coaches fear a decline in motivation among their customers.

“It is difficult to keep them motivated with two or three elastic bands and a few free weights at home,” says Mathieu Baillargeon, co-owner of a gym in Saint-Apollinaire. According to what I hear, it is something like 70% of the clients who have dropped out of the training with the internet since the beginning of the confinement. ”

– Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

Cottages to rent

Rental applications tributary, but the responses are lacking for those who are of the tourist rental.

Christophe Dandurand, who operates 19 cottages in the Charlevoix region, describes the disaster recovery plan of its sector d'” nonsense total ” in the absence of details.

“We have rental requests every day, but there’s nothing we can do. It is this which is a shame. We don’t know what to answer them, ” says Mr. Dandurand.

– Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

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