Ciao prison, Felicity Huffman is output earlier than expected

Ciao la prison, Felicity Huffman est sortie plus tôt que prévu

Felicity Huffman out of jail : the actress of Desperate Housewives has been released earlier than expected

Free Felicity Huffman is free ! After 11 days shut up in prison (instead of 14), the actress of Desperate Housewives has been released. The star who had been sentenced after having been found guilty in the case of bribes for university admissions. It has finally been released earlier than planned to a history of regulation.

Felicity Huffman is free

After having gone directly to jail without passing by the box departure, Felicity Huffman eventually comes to be released. The one who plays Lynette Scavo on the series Desperate Housewives has indeed left the orange uniform and the bars to return to her home according to TMZ. After 11 days of detention, it is this Friday, October 25, 2019, in the morning, she would have become (again) a free woman.

Sentenced to 14 days in prison, Felicity Huffman will, therefore, have spent a few days less than planned in the federal prison in Dublin, near San Francisco. The actress had entered the 15th of October last. Why does she have the right to go out earlier ? The tabloid american has stated that it “is apparently a policy according to which the inmates whose release date falls on a weekend are released the previous Friday”.

It also had fine and works of general interest

Felicity Huffman, who had been shattered by Ricardo Capsized (Carlos in Desperate Housewives) after the trial had been in prison following his conviction last September. As a reminder, the star had been arrested by the FBI in march 2019 since melee to a big scandal. Then she had pleaded guilty in the case of bribes for university admissions. Its mischief ? To have given $ 15,000 to make one of his daughters (Sophia, the oldest daughter) in a prestigious institution in the Ivy League.

In addition to the jail sentence, the actress was fined $ 30,000 and 250 hours of work in the general interest.

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