Cine nostalgia: 10 years of”Origin”

Ciné nostalgie: les 10 ans d’«Origine»

On July 13, 2010, Christopher Nolan briefly turns back to Batman and to Gotham the time ofOrigin. The feature is a success that embodies 829,9 million US $in global box office and earned two Oscar nominations.

Christopher Nolan begins to have the basic idea ofOrigin in 1999 and is working on the script for 10 years. “The last piece of the puzzle of this scenario that I was trying to finish for the past 10 years has been to find how the public could make a connection emotionally with the main character,” he said to Deadline. Because, at the start, the Original had to be… a horror film!

This is not a coincidence that the first letter of the first names of six main characters – Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal and Saito – form the word “dreams” in English, which means “dreams”. As the architect Ariadne (Ellen Page), his first name is a homage to Ariadne, daughter of Minos, king of Crete, who in Greek mythology helped Theseus to find his way in the labyrinth. Moreover, several of the characters represent a job in the film, the film as an allegory of the seventh art: Dom (Leornardo DiCaprio) is a film director, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Lewitt) is the producer, Ariadne is the production designer, Eames (Tom Hardy) is an actor and Saito (Ken Wanabe) is a funder.

Before the shooting, which starts in Tokyo on June 19, 2009, Christopher Nolan wondered whether he should shoot the Original in 3D. He decides that it is not. “We have considered the 3D, and then we finally decided that we would be too restricted by the technology. We would not have been able to shoot it as we wanted”, he explains in the pages of Deadline.

Contrary to what you might believe, there are relatively few special effects by computer, Nolan preferring the visual effects to be real. Thus, as explained by Paul Franklin at Wired, only “500 plans were made it.” The sequence of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the hallway of the hotel is real, the decoration of the corridor was mounted on a hydraulic system to turn on itself. In the same way, the train that rushes into a street is, in fact, a truck painted up.

The design of the fortress fleece Fischer has been designed after that of the library Geisel, University of California. The scenes in the blizzard were filmed at Fortress Mountain, a ski resort in Alberta. The chase sequence on the slopes, for which Tom Hardy had to learn to ski, is a tribute to that of’On Her Majesty’s secret service, James Bond’s favorite of Nolan’s.

The song used to wake the protagonists is Not, I regret nothing of Edith Piaf and Hans Zimmer has composed the soundtrack for the film after the song. But this is not all. No, I regret nothing lasts two minutes and 28 seconds, while the film lasts two hours and 28 minutes. In addition, Édith Piaf has been incarnated on the screen by Marion Cotillard (Mal in Origin) the time of life in pink.

Fun fact, Ellen Page wears a chignon in the second level of dream, Fischer. It is not an aesthetic choice, it’s just that Christopher Nolan did not want to do research on how to move the hair in a weightless state!

The production budget of the film, it is US $160 million and the studios, Warner has spent $ 100 million in promotion from the month of August 2009, after the unveiling of the first trailer.

The version ofthe Original presented on the television networks japanese includes an additional information: the text at the bottom of the screen shows the audience the level of the dream in which the action takes place.

In 2014, the lovers develop Dream Heist, a board game which is inspired by d’Origin and whose rules are particularly complex. The creators have benefited from the support of fans after he launched a campaign of sociofinancement on Kickstarter.

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