Cinema Beaubien : back in front of the big screen

Cinéma Beaubien : de retour devant le grand écran

Several cinemas will be hosting film lovers from Friday, including the famous Cinéma Beaubien. It will, however, reserve his place before going to the hotel located in Rosemont.

Since last 22 June, the cinemas may reopen, on condition of having 50 people maximum per room and a distance of 1.5 metres is maintained between the clients during the projection. Most of the rooms, however, were in need of a period of time to prepare a little longer, hence the opening of the Cinema Beaubien, but also larger venues, such as cinemas Guzzo – July 3.

“This is not a reopening, but the resumption of activities after a long pause,” says from the outset the director general of the Cinéma Beaubien, Mario Fortin, which ensures that a final closure has never been considered.

Film lovers will not be able to arrive unannounced and will be required to reserve their place on the website of the film beforehand, but apart from that, the customer experience will not be so different from before, he says. As everywhere, people should wash their hands upon entering the cinema, the employees will wear the mask and visor, and plexiglass will be installed at the service counters.

“To keep the 1.5-metre in the rooms, there will be two places of distance [between people] for those who are not of the same family,” assured Mr. Fortin.

Each room has its own ventilation system, which allows not to exchange the air between all the rooms of the Cinema Beaubien.

Pop corn

Those who like to watch a movie while eating a good pop corn can reassure themselves : the food bank will continue to be in service, and customers do not have to wear masks.

Clients must make a thin concession : they will not be able to put butter on their pop corn themselves; the employees will take care of this, ” said Mr. Fortin.

Distribution varied

From Friday, nine films will be shown in five cinemas at the Cinema Beaubien, including 14 days, 12 nights, Mafia inc. and the Portrait of the girl on fire.

Moreover, the director general did not care for the programming for the next few months, ensuring that several films are waiting to be distributed.

“We’re going to let a chance to the movies that have been cut in mid-march, and we’re going to chain up with what’s new,” he said.

The opening hours of the Cinema Beaubien will be identical to the pre-pandemic, or every day from 10h to 21h.

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