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Cineplex announces additional fees on online tickets

Cineplex announces additional fees on online tickets


Cinephiles purchasing their tickets online will need to pay an additional $1.50 to secure a seat at a Cineplex this summer.

As for guests who purchase their ticket in person, they will not need to pay any additional fees.

“We remain deeply committed to ensuring that going to the cinema remains as affordable as possible,” said to QMI Agency Cineplex Vice President of Communications, Sarah Van Lange.

However, as one of Canada's leading entertainment companies, it is necessary “to invest and to evolve digital infrastructures”, she specified.

For more frequent customers, such as members of the Scene+ program, they will only have to pay $1 per ticket when they perform a reservation online or on the mobile application. As for Cinéclub members, no booking fees will be required.

The company claims to follow their counterparts in the entertainment industry around the world, for whom the additional fees for online bookings have been introduced a long time ago.

“Our fees are among the lowest in the entertainment industry,” said Ms. Van Lange.

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