Circles in a Toronto park to facilitate the social distancing

Des cercles dans un parc de Toronto pour faciliter la distanciation sociale

MONTREAL | Here’s an idea that could be included in Montreal: the City of Toronto has decided to help its citizens to maintain social distancing in a green space by painting circles on the grass.

This pilot project is deployed to the park to Trinity Bellwoods, in the south-west of the Queen City. Circles eight feet in diameter, are separated from each other by a space of 10 feet.

Two to three people can take place in each circle. If people want to lie, then you are talking about a maximum of two people, and if they sit down, three people can easily take place.

The prime minister, Doug Ford asked Torontonians who have massed in large numbers in the parks last weekend, without distance from each other, to submit to a test screening of the COVID-19.

“These circles are designed to allow people to come to the park, enjoy them and be safe in the park by a physical distance,” said Brad Ross, spokesperson for the City of Toronto, according to Global News.

“If you come to the park this weekend and that all the circles are occupied, we encourage you to come back later or go to one of the 1500 other parks available in the city,” added Ross.

In the quebec metropolis, the parks are often the only natural shelters of many Montrealers, and the images captured by the QMI Agency last Saturday showed that the social distancing requested by the health authorities to curb the spread of the COVID-19 was not always respected.

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