Cirque du Soleil: Legault does not have the support of the population according to Bérubé

Cirque du Soleil: Legault n’a pas l’appui de la population selon Bérubé

Unlike the prime minister François Legault, who has qualified the loan of $ 276 million in the Circus of the Sun “bright” idea, the parliamentary chief of the Parti québécois, Pascal Bérubé considers rather that it has not the support “of the people”.

“It [the people] don’t think this is a brilliant idea, now, in the time of a pandemic, saying the billionaires first, and then the other [in the cultural field] they will wait”, he said in a Thursday press briefing.

“Then me, I find that the prime minister, which indicates that it is a brilliant idea, I am not convinced. I am not convinced, and then the citizens who react, perhaps even on his page Facebook, found that this is not a good idea,” he added.

On Tuesday, the government Legault announced that it had offered a loan of about 276 million ($200 million US$) at Cirque du Soleil and could become a partner for the business to become a quebec-owned.

“The headquarters and the centre of decisions are going to be in Quebec. The patents, the intellectual property will remain in Quebec, and the senior management will be resident in Québec”, said the minister of Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon.

“Why the only criterion that it is missing, it is property in quebec? Is it that the government has already made its nest on which group should host the Circus of the Sun?” wondered Pascal Bérubé, Thursday.

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