Citizens of chinese origin who are subjected to racism during the pandemic

Les citoyens d’origine chinoise victimes de racisme pendant la pandémie

Canadians of chinese origin have noticed a different treatment to them since the beginning of the pandemic.

At least, this is evident in the results of a survey unveiled Monday by the Institute Angus Reid group, in partnership with the University of Alberta.

Half of the 500 respondents chinese-canadians were said to have been insulted or being name calling because of the COVID-19.

Approximately 43 % also say they have been victims of bullying, or threats because of their ethnicity. In a roundabout way, three Chinese-Canadian in 10 say they have been exposed to racist graffiti and derogatory posts on social media.

Forty percent of respondents say they have been treated with less respect than other Canadians at least once and 24 % have experienced this situation frequently. Nearly a third (29 %) consider to have been regarded as a threat to the health of the people.

The coronavirus may have an impact even after the déconfinement, while 61 % of Chinese-Canadians surveyed reported having changed their lifestyle habits to avoid a meeting little pleasant. More than half also made to children of asian origin, who may be the victim of bullying in their return to school.

Finally, 64 % of Chinese-Canadians believe that the media coverage of the crisis in North America has led to negative comments that they face.

According to Statistics Canada, the Angus Reid claims that there are 1.77 million chinese-Canadians in the country, approximately 5 % of the canadian population.

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