Citizens tired of the brown water

Citoyens écœurés de l’eau brune

Of the citizens of Pointe-Calumet are fed up to see the brown water flowing from their tap several times a month for years, giving them many disadvantages.

Karine Drysdale lives in the past three years on the rue Julienne in Pointe-Calumet. Several times a month, the water flowing from his tap of the Laurentians is brown for several hours, or a day, and leaves stains on his clothes.

“Sometimes, the municipality warns us, but lately it happens once a week, without warning. It pays taxes, it seems to me that you should have water suitable as everyone. “

Ms. Drysdale claims to have twice changed his water heater for the past three years.

The water of Pointe-Calumet is like a glass of dark beer.

“There are deposits that accumulate and it breaks it. It must constantly have water bottles in case this would happen. This is disturbing. “

Emmanuel Payment is also exceeded. The resident of 51st street and his wife have four children.

“When the water becomes brown during washing, it is necessary to wait for the situation to become normal again to wash everything again, and sometimes it can take two days. If the clothes dry in between time, it becomes stained. We use cloth diapers, then this is not practical. “

No question for him to drink this water, even if the municipality says that it is drinkable.

“Sometimes it is dark as Coke. For the shower, it goes on, but we didn’t dare taste it. “

It is the pits

According to the mayor, Sonia Fontaine, it is the presence of manganese from the wells from which is drawn the water, that explains everything.

“The tests are done very regularly and according to analyses, there is no danger to health. However, I also have this water in my faucet and I have to admit that it is not appetizing at all. “

Manganese is part of the minerals essential to human health, in small amounts, like iron or zinc.

No study confirms an adverse effect on health due to its presence in the water, according to Health Canada, which recommends, however, a maximum acceptable concentration of 120 µg/L. This threshold would never be exceeded in Pointe-Calumet, supports the mayor.

  • The municipality intends to announce shortly the initiation of installation work of treatment of manganese at the drinking water station, which also serves Saint-Joseph-du-Lac.
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