City of Montreal: the auditor general criticizes the management of the computer

Ville de Montréal: la vérificatrice générale écorche la gestion de l’informatique

MONTREAL | Nearly half of the priority projects of the City of Montreal in information technology have already been deferred at least two years, says the auditor general, which puts the administration on guard against the risk of cost overruns and delays.

“The leadership of the Office of projects of the Department of information technology has not put in place the framework necessary for a healthy management of projects in information Technology (IT) to the City of Montreal,” says the report of the VG filed Monday to the city council.

Of the “significant improvements” are required for several aspects of the management of it projects, including the definition of roles and responsibilities, methodology, training, accountability and management capacity, according to the auditor general, Michèle Galipeau.

The risk of having a quality very unequal management of one project to another is increased due to this oversight to be inadequate, the report says.

But still, there is a greater risk that IT projects have “significant gaps in security, does not meet the needs of the promoters, have important cost-overruns or are delivered much later than originally expected.”

In the three year capital works Program (TCWP) 2020-2022, 99 projects, with an annual budget exceeding $80 million.

“Among the 41 projects in IT where a budget was provided to the PTI from 2019-2021 and 2020-2022, we observe that approximately 50 % of those have had their deadlines postponed by 2 years or more. Similarly, 13 of the 28 IT projects prioritized and have been deferred for 2 years or more in the last PTI,” writes Ms. Galipeau.

Tanks of petroleum products

In addition, the report highlights problems in the management of petroleum storage tanks.

These tanks have a limited lifespan, and the risk of failure or leakage increases with time.

The City was slow to replace some of the tanks, despite repeated notifications of experts recognized by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, warns the VG.

In addition, the preventive maintenance done on the tanks, including those at high risk, “often comes down observation is little documented leaks”, one reads in the report.

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