Claiming to be lucky in the face of the coronavirus, the prince Charles pleads for a return to nature

S’estimant chanceux face au coronavirus, le prince Charles plaide pour un retour à la nature

Prince Charles, heir to the british crown, feels “lucky” to only suffer slightly with the new coronavirus, an experience which made it even more “determined” to work to put nature at the center of everything.”

“I got lucky in my case and I got out of it (with a form of the disease) mild enough. But I got it and I can understand what others are suffering,” he said in an interview by videoconference in british television Sky News.

“I sympathize especially with those who have lost loved ones and were unable to be by their sides during this time. This, to me, is the thing the most horrendous”, he added in an excerpt of the interview that will be broadcast in full later Thursday.

Aged 71 years, the eldest son of queen Elizabeth II had been tested positive for novel coronavirus in march but suffered only mild symptoms. He healed after being isolated for seven days, in accordance to the official guidelines, and had not had to be hospitalized.

In total, nearly 40,000 people tested positive died of the disease COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, and more than 48 000 by also including suspicious cases.

“In order to avoid this from happening to even more people, I’m really determined to find a solution,” assured the prince. For him, “the people began to realize that we need to put nature at the centre of everything we do and put it at the centre of our economy”.

“The more we weaken the natural world, the more we destroy the biodiversity, the more we expose ourselves to this kind of danger,” he said. “We have had other disasters with the Sars and Ebola and god knows what else, all these things are related to the loss of biodiversity. So we have to find a way this time to put nature at the centre”.

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