Clairvoyant questioned the disease Zavorotnyuk: “the Wrong diagnosis”

Ясновидящий поставил под сомнение болезнь Заворотнюк: "Неверный диагноз"

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter Chernyshev, photo: Sputnik / Evgeny Novozenina

today, 19:24

The information that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk struggling with cancer of the brain, appeared at the end of the summer 2019. Native star of the series “My fair nanny” was silent and still did not specify the diagnosis of the actress.

Recently in the program “New Russian sensations” the elder Alexander said that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk not cancer. The clairvoyant said: “a Wrong diagnosis is made. I didn’t know she had cancer”.

Ясновидящий поставил под сомнение болезнь Заворотнюк: "Неверный диагноз"

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, photo: Wikipedia

This conclusion came the old man, looking at the photo Zavorotnyuk and tuning in to his energy. According to the healer, from the photos is warm:

“That’s a good sign. It in the world of the dead there. There is no road yet! She’ll be fine and will be fine to live a normal healthy life! Recover. It’s true,” said the healer. Elder Alexander

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Ясновидящий поставил под сомнение болезнь Заворотнюк: "Неверный диагноз"

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Instagram

In addition, a psychic has given hope to fans of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, saying that the star of “My fair nanny” has gone on the amendment. The old man predicts that in about three weeks will return to her strength.

“She was just exhaustion. I would first of all worked on immunity to the body to produce resistance. Here the immune system and the CNS,” said the elder Alexander. Elder Alexander

At the same time, close Anastasia Zavorotnyuk to numerous queries responded in Instagram that had nothing to do with elder Alexander and its existence is learned from TV shows.

Ясновидящий поставил под сомнение болезнь Заворотнюк: "Неверный диагноз"

A statement from the family Zavorotnyuk, screenshot Instagram

Earlier, a close friend Zavorotnyuk told how cashing in on the name of the actress

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, producer of car crash first broke the silence

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that skater Yagudin made a statement regarding the car crash


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