“Clash of the titans?” In the Creek found the dead alligator and a shark: photos

American officials say they know who threw the shark in the pond

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 13:14

"Битва титанов?" В ручье обнаружили аллигатора и мертвую акулу: фото

In the USA the shark and alligator found in a pond

Officials from Alachua County, Florida (USA), placed on the official page in Twitter a photo of an alligator and a dead shark, which previously found in the Creek, lake forest Creek (Lake Forest Creek). The deputies reminded the locals that this body of water is not shark-infested. They believe that the six-foot predator before to throw into the Creek, unknown caught elsewhere.

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“We hope that some of the witnesses will call us to report a more specific and detailed information. Now we only know that the shark dumped in lake forest Creek is already dead. How it happened and who did it remains a mystery to us,” the officials wrote in response to a comment under the post one Twitter user, who asked them to provide further information.

“Was a tough battle? Yes, I know it’s unlikely, but I would, of course, looked at the clash of the titans,” wrote one of the users.

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