Clashes between protesters and police in Seattle, which includes Portland

Affrontements entre manifestants et policiers à Seattle, qui rallie Portland

The police used Saturday grenades, dazzling and pepper gas against the protesters in Seattle, who joined the movement started in Portland against the racism and now the deployment of federal agents ordered by Donald Trump.

In parallel, clashes between protesters and police marked the night of Friday to Saturday in the city of Portland, Oregon, theatre for nearly two months of these gatherings.

But in Seattle, in the State of Washington, on the night of Saturday to Sunday was very eventful, with this replica police in an attempt to protesters start a fire in front of a detention center for minors.

Some of the demonstrators tried to protect themselves from the pepper gas with umbrellas, according to an AFP journalist on the spot, a witness also of detonations.

According to the Seattle Times, 16 people were arrested.

In Portland, the epicenter of the protest, demonstrators tried to bring down a barrier in front of the federal court, has found an AFP journalist.

The forces of order have also replicated with abundant shots of tear gas and dispersed the crowd.

The movement in this city in the north-west of the United States had begun, as elsewhere in the country and in the world, after the death in late may of a black man, George Floyd, under the knee of a white policeman in Minneapolis.

This is amplified when arrived in mid-July of federal police officers in Portland.

In many videos posted on the social networks, we see these agents in paramilitary outfit, and without a badge visible for identification, use unmarked cars to detain protesters, stoking the embers of the dispute.

An official investigation was opened on Thursday by the ministry of Justice on the very controversial subject of federal police officers on-site.

The president, the Trump, that particular campaign to be re-elected in November, on the re-establishment of “order”, also announced Wednesday an expansion of federal agents in Chicago and other cities after a surge in crime and shootings.

Incident in Louisville

On Saturday, three people were slightly injured by firearms in the margins of an anti-racist demonstration in Louisville, in the State of Kentucky, have reported the american media. The police, however, referred to circumstances “accidental”.

In this city, of the black activists of the group NFAC, heavily armed, protested against the death of Breonna Taylor, a black woman killed by police in march in his apartment. But the police was deployed to avoid any clash with counter-demonstrators whites a conservative group, also armed.

In Portland, in the night from Friday to Saturday, beyond the tensions, the protesters had also found themselves in a good-natured atmosphere, playing of drums and the firing of fireworks under the applause of the crowd.

Some of them had met before the night in front of a memorial commemorating black people who died from police violence.

“It’s amazing that so many people are coming, so I just want to be one more voice,” said Sean Robinson, managing director in computer science. “And my other message is that the lives of black people matter”.

Daniel Douglas, a computer specialist of 31 years of age, wears a backpack on which he has written “the federal out now”.

“We don’t want the federal came from outside our city to occupy our city and terrorizing our communities,” he explained.

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