Clashes on the border: Modi launches a warning to China

Heurts frontaliers: Modi lance un avertissement à la Chine

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi said Friday that his country was “hurt and angry” after a deadly clash in the Himalayas between the armies of china and india, on the border of the two countries, and warned that the indian army had carte blanche to respond to any violence.

China for its part has released Thursday, after discussions between the two parties, designed to ease tension, ten indian soldiers made prisonners during the confrontation, which took place on Monday in the valley, Galwan, in the region of Ladakh (north of India) on the disputed frontier between the two countries.

Mr. Modi has summoned the leaders of the opposition parties to discuss the crisis following this battle, a few hours after the release by China of the ten military indian.

“The whole country is hurt and angry because of the actions of China,” said Mr. Modi, warning that ” the armed forces were given carte blanche to take all necessary steps “.

The military of the two asian giants clashed in a melee of extreme violence, with punches, stones and sticks studded, in a valley in Ladakh (northern India), to the disputed frontier between the two countries.

India has state of the victims “on both sides,” including 20 soldiers killed in its ranks. China declined to confirm the losses, but the media in india have said that at least 40 chinese soldiers had been killed or seriously injured.

The ten indian soldiers captured were released Thursday evening, according to security sources the indian, after negotiations between high-ranking officers and diplomats of the two most populous nations on the planet.

“No indian military lacks the appeal “, said the indian army in a press release. The government, for its part, has made no comment.

China has not confirmed the release, but a spokesman for the ministry of foreign Affairs has assured that there were no indian soldiers “currently detained” and that the two countries continue their dialogue to resolve the problem on the ground by means of a military and diplomatic “.

Ten-eight soldiers are currently being treated for serious injuries following the clash, has announced the indian army. Four of them are in a critical state, reported the AFP of the security officials.

Generals of division, indian and chinese must hold new talks on Friday, said the sources.

Hanging Monday is the first smooth murderer in the past 45 years between the nuclear powers nearby. The two countries have rejected publicly the responsibility of the clashes and say they want a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

Thousands of people attended Thursday the funeral of some of the 20 indian soldiers killed. Calls to boycott chinese products have been launched, and flags in chinese as well as portraits of the president Xi Jinping have been burned in some cities.

The indian government denounced Wednesday a “planned action, and premeditated” China could have “serious impact” on relations between the two most populous countries in the world.

“The indian party should not be mistaken (…) and to underestimate the determination of China to defend its territorial sovereignty “, had given his side the chinese ministry of foreign Affairs.

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