Class action: another religious congregation in the crosshairs

Recours collectif: une autre congrégation religieuse dans la mire

After the Sisters of Charity of Quebec, and the Mont d’youville, the grey Nuns of Montreal and the Creche d’youville to be covered by a proposed class action brought by a man who had been the victim of severe physical and sexual abuse.

At the end of the years 60, the applicant was barely 3 years old when he and his sister were entrusted to the Nursery after their parents got separated.

According to what we can read in the application filed before the court, the children of the Nursery were then “beaten to stroke belt” if they were still awake after the curfew, and the applicant has sometimes been forced to eat until they vomit”.

The document also states that multiple psychological abuse used by the religious to obtain obedience.

Children of sin

“The religious Crèche repeated often to the children that they were children of the devil, because they had been conceived in sin, they deserved to go to hell, that they were abandoned children, that their parents do not love him and that they did not deserve to live”, one can read in the application for authorization to institute a class action.

In addition, some children would have been “entrusted” every Sunday with a priest who came to get in car for the mass.

According to what we can read in the court document, the priest allegedly sexually abused young boys, including the applicant, who has completed only much later that the man of God indulged in on him to masturbation.

The girls have not been left behind as a complainant told us that “of the nuns came to look for it in the evening in his bed in the dormitory, and brought into the bedroom of a religious, extended in their bed and engaged in sexual touching on it”.

Always according to the same alleged victim, the grey Sisters would have “dedicated themselves to this practice with several other young girls.”

Unknown number

Although the number of victims is unknown for the moment, the applicant has stated in its request that 78 200 children attended the Nursery located in the Côte-de-Liesse in Montreal between 1925 and 1972.

Therefore, it is possible to believe that a collective action could encourage many alleged victims to raise their hand and use their right against the grey Nuns of Montreal, who, according to the website of the congregation, mention to continue their “mission of love, respect, and compassion towards the poor people”.

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