Classifieds: Kijiji is doing business on Marketplace

Classifieds: Kijiji is doing business on Marketplace


After launching its new application, the famous Kijiji classifieds platform is selling the source code of its old version… on Marketplace! 

Nearly 20 years after putting its first app online, Kijiji has decided to turn its back on the past to focus on the future with its new free app. “Our team designed this new app from the ground up using the latest technologies to make it more intuitive, personal and secure. So now is the perfect time to prove that we are shedding the old and being optimistic about the future,” said Adam Jardine, Chief Marketing Officer of Kijiji.

“The source code for the older version of Kijiji 2005 is now for sale on the 'other classifieds site' for $1,” the company wrote in an announcement on the platform. sale associated with Facebook.

Thus for the modest sum of $1, Canadians will be able to afford this “piece of history of the digital age” printed on more than 500 pages sheltered in a “purple three-ring Performore binder, with transparent cover, letter size 3 by 11″, adorned with the original Kijiji logo”.

Note that a binder of this size can cost close to $15 at various stationery stores. It makes you wonder if the bargain is not in the binder.