Claude Forgues honored by Centraide Estrie

“We do not replace a person like Claude Forgues,” exclaimed Marie-Helene Wolfe, who will succeed the general manager of United Way Estrie Monday. Like more than 150 people attending the organization’s annual Recognition Evening, she praised the career and devotion of this “monument of charity”.
C laude Forgues had the touching surprise on Thursday night to see an award created in her name at the 11th Centraide Estrie Recognition Evening. This honor is conferred by the organization to highlight the 37 years spent in command.

“I am really touched by this recognition that people give me. I did this with all my heart during these 37 years thinking of the poor and vulnerable clienteles, “he said. He argues, however, that the fight against poverty is not over. “I was always a little dissatisfied because I thought” we could have done more “and that everyone should be mobilized. During that time, I have had great people in organizations trying to make room in society. If all the people knew these people, we would have no trouble to collect money.

Although moved, he is at peace with his departure. “I have the choice between nostalgia for the start or go back and be proud of what I did. This is a part of my life that I leave there, “says Forgues, confident of leaving the body in good hands. He will leave his post in the coming days to focus on his candidacy for the inauguration of the Parti Quebecois in Saint-François. The Claude-Forgues Award will be presented each year to a person or an organization who, like this one, will have shown devotion to the cause and mission of Centraide Estrie. This mission, in the words of Mr. Forgues: “to make sure that people who have met those who do not have. Since the beginning of this one at the head of the organization, more than $ 30 million was raised and distributed to 68 community organizations. These organizations help more than 62,000 destitute and vulnerable people in the region each year,

The first-ever Claude-Forgues Award was awarded to the Bombardier Valcourt Foundation, which has been a major supporter of the United Way for more than 20 years. She has donated more than $ 1.15 million to Centraide Estrie.

New director

For her part, Marie-Hélène Wolfe, who will take office on Monday, is delighted to succeed Mr. Forgues. “I will not take his place, but I will take over! I am passionate about community development and I have worked in the development of the region for many years. I will contribute and make a difference, “she says.

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