Claudette and Michel did not understand Aline

Claudette and Michel did not understand Aline

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“Fiction. Feminine noun. Imagined fact (opposed to reality ); imaginary construction ”.

I think, with all due respect, that Claudette and Michel Dion should have reread their dictionary before going to see Aline by Valérie Lemercier.

It is all the same absurd to reproach a fiction, which is the opposite of reality, for not being realistic enough! & Nbsp;

When in an interview Claudette declares: “This is not our life She is absolutely right. Aline is not a movie about her life or Celine. It's a film about Celine's idea, and what the Celine myth inspires in a director.


Claudette and Michel Dion blame the film, among other things, for this comical scene where Aline Dieu, in a wedding dress, comes out of the window of the family home.

“It never happened,” they exclaim. Well no, that's for sure!

But what escapes them is that this scene is a metaphor.

Aline is made so “big” that she “does not more in the 'door' as they say in Quebec.

Its success and its notoriety go so far beyond the family home that it has to “open the window” to escape.

I found this (completely imaginary) scene particularly poetic and highly symbolic. & Nbsp;

  • Listen to Sophie Durocher's column at the microphone of Philippe-Vincent Foisy on QUB radio:

If we follow the logic of Claudette and Michel Dion, a scene should disturb them. This is where the singer's pregnant mother chooses the first name of her unborn child when she hears Christophe sing Aline . You can see that it is absurd to denounce the lack of realism of the film: Thérèse Dion did not choose to call her daughter Celine while listening … Aline !

When the Dions complain that the film portrays them as Bougons, it's bad faith: in Aline , the household is modest, but very clean, very tidy and one smells there more of the freshly baked pie than that of grim poverty.

Why speak of “factual errors” »About Aline ? These aren't mistakes, because … they're not facts.

I just hope René Angelil's family won't complain about the film too: after all the role of the manager/husband is run by Sylvain Marcel while René Angelil was of Syrian-Lebanese origin. Is this cultural appropriation?


The following wink touched me a lot: in a very pretty scene where the Dieu/Dion family sings in a group, they perform Mille après mille by Gérald Joly, a classic by Willie Lamothe. Mille après mille by Gérald Joly./p>

Do you remember when Celine Dion sang it with Fred Pellerin at TVA for the launch of the album Without Waiting ? & nbsp;

Céline seemed moved to tears as she sang: “One day when my travels will have ended/And deep inside I will have found/This peace I felt the need/At this moment I will be able to stop”.

The whole film by Valérie Lemercier revolves around this theme: a woman who travels the world, thousand after thousand, and who dreams of putting down her bags to find peace.

Lemercier cannot -be not reflected Celine's reality, but she touched on her truth.

Claudette and Michel did not understand Aline

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