Clemence Desrochers discovers her exhibition

A mixture of television clips, sound recordings, texts, drawings and photos are now on display at the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts. All these small pieces of career represent the complete artistic life of Clemence Desrochers.
“Wow! Declared Clemence Desrochers, Saturday, at the opening of Clemence. From the factrie to the museum. She had not seen anything yet of the exhibition dedicated to her talent. “I am very flattered to see myself in a museum in Sherbrooke, my hometown,” shares the great artist.

60 years of his career are hanging on the walls. Even pictures of Clemence’s childhood and her first drawings have been collected. Ms. Desrochers has also made several discoveries, she recalled many elements of her life while walking in the room.


She takes the time to look at each piece of the exhibition carefully, remembering each memory attached to it. “It’s so well done, they worked so well,” says Ms. Desrochers when asked for her satisfaction. The original mix of images, sounds and works of art makes the exhibition lively and very representative of the life of the Sherbrookoise.

“It’s so ugly! “She laughs repeatedly. She talks about the style of her first album covers and her first drawings. “There are things that are 50 years old, the first drawings I made are naive, I never learned to draw,” says Sherbrookoise.

The desire to tell is felt on the majority of his drawings, all accompanied by a little story, a small description. “I always want to write a text with my drawings, give them a title,” says Clemence Desrochers. The artist is also very happy with the sound aspect of the exhibition. “I have a writing made to be heard,” she shares.


Clemence’s family shared that she was nervous in the days leading up to the opening. No reason to worry: the exhibition is eagerly awaited by Sherbrooke residents. The museum had already received several visitor confirmations in advance.

It’s still a little unreal for Ms. Desrochers to find bits of her life exposed. She has always done her job doubting, very humbly. “I can not wait to see the reaction of people, many people do not know me,” she says.

The Clemence exhibition . From the factrie to the museum can be visited until November 18, 2018 at the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts.

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