Clermont-MHSC: trauma of the first leg, strong pailladine mobilization… why the duel in Auvergne arouses particular excitement

Clermont-MHSC: trauma of the first leg, strong pailladine mobilization... why the duel in Auvergne arouses particular excitement

Le 8 octobre, un pétard jeté depuis la tribune Étang de Thau vers le gardien clermontois Mory Diaw avait entraîné l’arrêt du match. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

This Sunday, April 14 (3 p.m.), the MHSC is going to Auvergne. A trip to Clermont Foot 63 which recalls the incidents of the first leg, stopped for throwing a firecracker, and its consequences.

"All in Clermont." In the stands of Mosson, last Sunday, the little banner did not escape anyone. Because once the victory against Lorient was achieved (2-0), there was only one name in mind. Clermont, next step and perhaps the last for maintenance since a victory in Auvergne would almost definitely bring Montpellier closer to survival in Ligue 1.

On Friday, Hérault coach Michel Der Zakarian, usually quick to recall the recent history with the CF63, did not want to mention anything else. If it's not lip service, about the "supporter who made us lose four points at the start even though we recovered one…"  Will not to speak beforehand, not to throw fuel on the fire or desire to eat cold the dish of a revenge that he awaits on a firm foot ?

The technician knows, there will be much more than a simple three-point match this Sunday. At the foot of the Puy-de-Dôme volcano chain, there will be a question of firecrackers, interrupted matches, fewer units in the standings and, basically, an exorcism of a player. a traumatic episode.

The summary of this October 8, 2023, date of a first leg in all dirty memories, parasitized the season of the men of Der Zak. Creating a veil of smoke between the team and its dynamics at the start of the season. She fell the day after this duel that Téji Savanier's partners had overturned, ten against eleven. But while they were leading 4-2 in the 91st minute, a firecracker from the Étang de Thau stand landed at the feet of goalkeeper Mory Diaw. Stunned, the Auvergne doorman was evacuated on a stretcher and Mr. Batta put a definitive end to the debates.

A fracture never resolved

The sanctions took a long time to take shape. They fell fifteen days after the facts: match to be replayed behind closed doors and two withdrawal points in the standings (one of which was suspended), without forgetting a partial closed session during two matches of part of the stand incriminated.

League 1 ranking

Replayed, MHSC-Clermont never healed the divide. Completed in the silence of Mosson with a 1-1 draw on November 29, which a penalty from Savanier in the 87th minute prevented from being totally nightmarish, the “rematch&rdquo ; left the gaping wound. And evil sets in, incontestable for some, an excuse for others. "It’s just the truth of things. If we win on the evening of Clermont, we are in 6th place. We're not hiding but some kind of stupid idiot is changing the season for us", thundered Laurent Nicollin in these columns on March 29. In line with his coach who never digested the pill and often felt that his team had in fact seen three points taken away (the one by the LFP and the two from the success of October 8 lost in a draw).

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His propensity to recall him had for a time created a split with some of the pailladin supporters. And in particular with the Ultras, whose banner targeting him in mid-February had sealed a misunderstanding ("MDZ : 3 points lost because of an “idiot& ;rdquo;, how many won thanks to you ?"). As evidence of the much deeper ramifications of a “simple” firecracker, then followed by the Mamadou Sakho affair.

Montpellier mobilization

Since then, water has flowed under the bridges, sacred union has replaced cordial disagreement and recent results have turned the page for Clermont. It would be completely erased this Sunday, with a success at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium in the form of a backlash.

No doubt with this secret hope, and the stated hope of maintaining, many Hérault supporters will make the short trip tomorrow. The parking lot and its 600 places reserved for opposing fans found a buyer in a few minutes this week. They were not enough to absorb the demand of the Pailladins, who will also occupy seats in the adjoining stand, the aptly named “Volcan”.

If it does not mobilize as much as expected at CF63, which was hoping for a sold-out venue (around 11,000 seats) for this match considered to be the last chance, this poster therefore arouses enthusiasm in Hérault. To the point of surprise at the MHSC, many stewards will be on site to supervise the area dedicated to its supporters. The measurement is usual, minus the quantity of supervisors. For their part, the authorities, meeting Thursday during the security meeting with the two clubs, did not consider this meeting high risk. No decree has been taken to limit the travel of Montpellier residents. Who can all go to Clermont.

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