Clients refusing to wear a mask: a Delta flight forced to make u-turn

Clients refusant de porter un masque: un vol de Delta forcé de faire demi-tour

A Delta flight was forced to return to the gate while two of his clients were not wearing masks, according to the spokesman of Delta Air Lines Emma Protis.

Protis told CNN that the flight 1227 of July 23, was en route from Atlanta to Detroit when they have been forced to make a u-turn.

“The flight 1227 from Detroit to Atlanta returned to the gate as a result of two customers that did not comply with the instructions of the crew. After a short delay, the plane left for Atlanta,” one can read in a statement sent to CNN.

The two passengers were removed from the aircraft, said Protis.

According to the web site of Delta, “the customers and employees of Delta are required to wear a mask or cover-appropriate face on their nose and their mouth throughout their travel, in accordance with the best practice guidelines of the CDC”.

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