Climate: Berlin warns protesters who “go beyond the framework of the law”

Climate: Berlin warns protesters who «step outside the law


The German government on Friday warned environmental activists who “step outside the law” after the multiplication of punch actions in the country to warn against global warming.&nbsp ;

The government calls for “concerns and commitment to climate protection, which are very important to us all (…) not to be taken outside the framework of our laws”, has indicated the deputy spokesman of the chancellery, Wolfgang Büchner.

He pointed out that some actions had “crossed the line of legitimate protest”.

The warning comes amid tense after several controversial actions by environmental activists in the country, which escalated as of COP27, which will take place from November 6 to 18 in Egypt.

Activists have carried out civil disobedience actions in museums – targeting paintings – in car branches, in front of ministries and blocking streets.

Similar protests took place in Great Britain and France, in particular.

Since Monday, the blocking of a street in Berlin by the collective called “Letzte Generation” (“Last generation”) agitates the Germany.

This action delayed, according to the German press, an ambulance which was to rescue a cyclist victim of a road accident, whose death was finally announced on Friday.

The German government, in which environmentalists occupy key ministries, however, did not make a direct link with the death of this cyclist and the action of the activists, stressing that their responsibility had not been proven.

“The death of the cyclist upsets us. The circumstances of his death must be precisely elucidated”, declared the Minister of Economy and Climate, the ecologist Robert Habeck.

For its part, “Letzte Generation” castigated the media which s take on them and announced in a press release the continuation of its actions.