Climate plan: welcomed by environmental groups; criticized by the opposition

Climate plan: welcomed by environmental groups;  criticized by the opposition

While several environmental groups have welcomed the Plante administration’s new climate change plan, the opposition Ensemble Montréal sees it as “a wish list” that is too vague.

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The 2020-2030 Climate Plan, which contains 46 measures, was presented on Thursday. Montreal wants to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 55% by 2030, compared to the 1990 level.

“This plan represents Montreal’s most ambitious effort to date in the face of the climate emergency,” said Jean-François Boisvert, president of the Montreal Climate Coalition, suggesting, however, updating the GHG inventory to verify the achievement of targets.

In order to reach its targets, the City believes that everyone must put their shoulder to the wheel: citizens, industries, property owners, etc. Several organizations abound in the same direction.

“For this plan to achieve the ambitious results it has set for itself, it is essential to mobilize Montreal society as a whole, and this, quickly,” said the Executive Director of the David Suzuki Foundation in Quebec, Sabaa Khan .

“It is now up to the entire community to mobilize to succeed in reaching these targets and thus lastingly transform our living environments”, also supported Emmanuel Rondia, CEO of CRE-Montreal.

Équiterre praised, among other things, the financial investments in adaptation to climate change, as well as the project to establish a zero emission zone in the city center, “a first in Canada”.

However, the organization would like more details on how to achieve the GHG reduction target. “The detailed portrait of the 55% reduction until 2030 is not clear and the roadmap until 2050 remains to be defined”, it was specified.

While adhering to the major objectives of the plan, Francesco Miele, environmental spokesperson for Ensemble Montréal, wonders how the City will achieve them. “The administration gives us a nice picture of what they intend to do but without telling us how they are going to get there,” he said.

“An ecological crisis is faced with an action plan, not a wish list, wishful thinking before Christmas”, he continued, denouncing in passing the “fiasco in terms of recycling”. According to him, the plan is more of a public relations operation.

The City aims to have a zero emission zone in a significant part of downtown by 2030. “To say that we will have a zero emission sector is commendable, but how? With which private partnership, which regulations will have to be changed, it is not concrete, ”commented Mr. Miele.

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