Climate toxic in the office of Julie Payette: a review “independent and impartial” is launched

Climat toxique au bureau de Julie Payette: un examen «indépendant et impartial» est lancé

The privy Council Office (PCO) has launched a “thorough, independent and impartial” on the allegations of harassment within the office of the governor-general Julie Payette, a-t-we know by Thursday evening.

It is specified to have “the full support” of the Office of the secretary to the governor general (OSGG).

The former astronaut Julie Payette would have established a real climate of terror in his team, reported the CBC news network, on Tuesday evening, based on about a dozen anonymous sources.

The representative of the queen in Canada would have yelled for his co-workers and would be publicly humiliated. A consequence of these chips, four members of the communication team of the Office of the secretary to the governor general (OSGG) would have slammed the door since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, while a fifth would be on the move this week. The other two are off work, according to the public broadcaster.

“The OFFICE is part of the core public administration. In this capacity, the Treasury Board policies, including the Policy on the prevention and resolution of harassment, apply to the Bureau and its employees,” said the privy Council, saying that the “harassment has its place in any professional work environment”.

“The PCO, in consultation with the OFFICE, working to establish the frame of reference of this work, and it will immediately take measures to use the services of an independent third party who will conduct the examination”, a-t-is added.

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