Climate toxic in the office of Julie Payette: Singh asks Trudeau to light

Climat toxique au bureau de Julie Payette: Singh demande à Trudeau de faire la lumière

OTTAWA | The leader new democrat Jagmeet Singh believes the prime minister Justin Trudeau is expected to follow up on the claims of climate toxic in the office of the governor-general Julie Payette.

“With the number of complaints at this time, it is clear that he must act. I think that the prime minister cannot say “there is no thing I can do””, a-t-launched it at a press conference on Wednesday.

Julie Payette would have established a real climate of terror in his team, reported the CBC news network Tuesday night, based on about a dozen anonymous sources.

The representative of the queen in Canada would have yelled for his co-workers and would be publicly humiliated. A consequence of these chips, four members of the communication team of the Office of the secretary to the governor general (OSGG) would have slammed the door since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, while a fifth would be on the move this week. The other two are off work, according to the public broadcaster.

Mr. Singh has argued on Wednesday that Mr. Trudeau must in his opinion be the follow-up of these allegations of harassment or even initiate an inquiry on the issue. The leader of the New democratic Party, however, has not been so extensive as to require that the governor-general is suspended from her job.

“The liberal government, the prime minister in particular, has a responsibility to follow up on those complaints because it is so important to ensure that all workers have a safe working environment where they work with dignity”, he added.

Note that according to the OFFICE, no complaints of harassment have been filed with the human resources department or the ombudsman.

Rideau Hall denies, moreover, bulk of the information that a climate toxic reign.

A spokesman for the office of Julie Payette responded by saying it was “appalled by the content of the report, which contrast completely with the reality of work at the OFFICE”.

“Our employees are very proud of their work and enjoy their work environment challenging and dynamic. In fact, the OSGG has a rate of turnover lower than the average compared to other federal government departments,” argued the spokesperson, Ashlee Smith, in a written statement.

“Disturbing”, according to the conservatives

Calling it “disturbing” the comments reported so far, the lieutenant of the conservatives in Quebec, Alain Rayes, said in an interview with TVA News: “We’re going to watch what will happen”.

“If this is the case, I would say that there are serious questions to ask about his work,” said the conservative mp.

“We’re going to let the chance to the rider to be able to demonstrate if it is true or false […]” there is to know.

“This governor general was also appointed by the prime minister Justin Trudeau, he added. He was all proud when he announced it. This is another hot potato that will be added on to the back of this prime minister.”

Alain Rayes said that the allegations have been denied, and that several other employees have given more information. “If this is the case, I think that the prime minister still needs to ask himself questions on his judgment, on the appointment of the person he put at the head of this post as prestigious”.

For its part, the Bloc did not wish to react.

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