Climate toxic in the office of Julie Payette: the office of the privy Council, “concern”

Climat toxique au bureau de Julie Payette: le bureau du Conseil privé «préoccupé»

OTTAWA-The privy Council Office (PCO) says it is “concerned” by the allegations of climate toxic in the office of the governor-general, Julie Payette, and promises to give a result in the folder.

“Harassment has no place in a professional work environment. We take all matters of harassment very seriously,” said spokesman Stéphane Shank, in a written statement sent to some media, late Wednesday, and then passed to the QMI Agency.

“The PCO officials are in constant communication with the Office of the secretary to the governor general at Rideau Hall and will follow up on the disseminated information”

The privy Council Office is the department which has close links with the office of the prime minister. Justin Trudeau, who has named Mrs. Payette in the post, has also been questioned in the Commons, Wednesday, about the information that the governor general has established a real climate of terror within his team.

He contented himself to reply that any Canadian, especially those working in the public service should have the right to a work environment that is “safe”.

The representative of the queen in Canada would have yelled for his co-workers and would be publicly humiliated, according to the CBC, which is based on about a dozen anonymous sources.

A consequence of these chips, four members of the communication team of the Office of the secretary to the governor general (OSGG) would have slammed the door since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, while a fifth would be on the move this week. The other two are off work, according to the public broadcaster.

On Wednesday, the leader, the new democrats urged the liberals of Justin Trudeau respond to the allegations raised.

“With the number of complaints at this time, it is clear that he must act. I think that the prime minister cannot say “there is no thing I can do””, a-t-launched it in point of press.

Note, however, that Rideau Hall denies the allegations of harassment in the block and argues that no formal complaint has been made to the human resources department or the ombudsman.

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