Clip “Drug” : Niska and Booba play the gangster lovers in Miami 💊

Clip “Drug” : Niska and Booba play the gangster lovers

If the grey skies of paris’s got you down, you can escape the sun for a few minutes with clip of “Medicine”, the new collaboration of Niska and Booba. The two rappers take us on a trip to Miami and frankly, it makes you want : the video is to discover on PRBK.

Even if Booba prepared with attention from his octagon against Kaaris, planned for the month of December in Geneva (Switzerland), he does not forget the music. It has also unveiled by surprise, “Arc-en-ciel”, a new song with which he reveals a softer side and romantic side of his personality, and honestly, it feels good ! And to continue its good momentum, the Duke of Boulogne is back today with the video for “Medicine”, his feat with Niska released in the month of April.

Niska and Booba gathered in the clip “Medicine”

Like their previous collaborations, “Tuba Life”, “M. L. C” and “It’s going to go,” the sound of the two rappers is hyper efficient and the lyrics of the chorus are still strongly in mind : “Bye-bye, by-bye, bye, she has red under her heels / She told me that it was evil / It wants I to be his medicine.

To illustrate these words of lover,Booba and the interpreter of “Networks” take us to Miami in the video where they put in a mode called “gangsters” for a traffic of money. It would go well in the journey we, too, don’t you ? In any case, Niska and the enemy of Kaaris prove once again that they form a team of shock : their duet “Medicine” has, indeed, regained the number 1 listens on Apple Music France. When is the next collab ?


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