Clip “It’s not serious” : Columbine balance his flow in the end of the world poetic

Clip “It’s not serious” : Columbine balance his flow in the end of the world poetic

While the elements are unleashed, Foda C and Lujipeka remain impassive. The book of revelation ? “It’s not serious”, sing with a flow of mesmerizing. With this clip where the end of the world rubbed shoulders with insouciance, Columbine strikes again very strong. The video has already gathered over 200,000 views in a few hours.

The duo in the flames, but “It’s not serious”

Columbine was expected that NLP so his new album before revealing “Goodbye, goodbye”, the reissue of “Goodbye soon”. This Friday, April 19, the rap group has therefore released its new album, while posting the clip of “It’s not serious” on YouTube. Foda C and Lujipeka are in a universe so disaster film, The Day after that.

The duo was found in a burning house, and then, in a downpour of apocalyptic. Despite the fire everywhere and torrential rain, none of the two artists of Columbine does not move, as if this world falls into ruin, had no effect on them. Or rather, if, but instead to lament, to pray, or even to be afraid, they party, give themselves completely in a kind of heedlessness. Even at the end, when death appears in the form of a hearse, the hope seems to be always present by the light.

Rhythm bewitching

As to the words which make one think of the end of a love affair, lived out in echo to the end of the world, they flow in a rhythm catchy. The flow hovering Columbine combines perfectly with the text, poetic and melancholic. “No, it’s not serious, hornet, this is not serious / you Are believed to be inseparable / All the world is past by there, in the vicinity / Happiness will never, never his true face / False truth, true lies mirage / They treat thee as an animal / If you’re not born on the proper side of the shore / Fuck, I want to sit at a table / As I have your body in my landscape” chant as a response to the woes.


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