Clip “Normal” : Roméo Elvis, trapped in a nightmare delirious 💉

Clip “Normal” : Roméo Elvis, trapped in a nightmare raving

“Chocolate”, the first album of Romeo Elvis without The Motel looks rather good ! After a first preview hyper efficient, “Sick”, the rapper continues to teaser his opus with a new song, but also canon in which he highlights his changemet of life due to the celebrity. The clip freaking out and delusional “Normal” is to be found on PRBK !

This is the 12 next April that Romeo Elvis will unveil his first solo album entitled “Chocolate”. Yes, the big brother of Angela is separated from his faithful collaborator, the producer of The Motel, for this new project. Then, as we reserve this album highly anticipated ? First of all, we have the right to a feat quite surprising between the rapper and Matthieu Chedid. Romeo Elvis has also invited Zwangere Guy, Témé Ta and Damon Albarn of the group Gorillaz. In short, “Chocolate”, contains 19 unreleased tracks, including “Sick”, the first excerpt that gave us a nice taste of the result.

Romeo Elvis wants to be “normal” in her new video

You want more ? Just ask 😉 To brighten our day just before the weekend, the interpreter of “Dessert” has just unveiled a new single entitled “Normal,” in which he talks about the evils of celebrity and his desire to become anonymous in spite of his addiction to success, as a drug : “It is not serious, I didn’t see the celebrity as a problem / Then I said good-bye in private, and I forgot about promises / I’m uncomfortable with the money and the fans, though, is that I wanted more / I am uncomfortable with the people in the street / Nothing that they want to snap Anything they want that we become friends / Eh but I not know / My past begins to me to miss as I heard ‘you are who ?’.

Romeo Elvis confides in open heart on a beat hyper efficient and a lot more rap than “Sick”. The clip of “Normal” is also quite different. We find the rapper immersed in a nightmare, completely crazy : dangerous men and a mysterious woman (who is the celebrity ?) landed at him to assault her violently and take a picture of all the scenes. Romeo Elvis is found in blood not being able to control anything. A staging delusional and creepy, but really canon !


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