Clip “On the moon” : Bigflo & Oli organize their space travel 🌕

Clip “On the moon” : Bigflo & Oli organize their trip to space

Objectif lune for Bigflo & Oli ! Monday 6 may 2019, the two rappers toulouse come to unveil the music video for “On the moon”, the sixth excerpt from their album “The dream life”, in which they prepare their trip into space. A clip made entirely by Bigflo (Florian Ordonez, his real name).

The success story of Bigflo & Oli continues ! After the huge cardboard box of “real life”, the two brothers made a comeback with their new album, “The dream life”… who has won two Victoires de la musique, those of “Best male artist” and “urban music Album”. It must be said that the extracts “We have also 2”, “This is that rap” feat Black M and Soprano, “Tomorrow” with DJ Small Cookie, “later” and “Go home” are already hits.

Bigflo & Oli fly “On the moon” in their new clip 🌕

The new single of “life of dream” will become-t-he as a cardboard box ? One would hope, but for the moment, Bigflo & Oli to start with a clip bewitching directed by Florian, “assisted by Oli also huh haha, he has always participated in the scenarios and has always worked in a collab but this is the first time that he realizes fully a clip !“, we can read on YouTube. A clip a haunting in which the two performers of “Damage” are preparing for their trip to the moon and train to become astronauts.

This melody has been in my mind for a long time. It took 4 years for someone to dare to sing it. A song that gives strength ! Obviously the goal is not to go into space but we all have our ‘moon’ to reach our impossible goal for which we give ourselves body and soul each day“, explained Bigflo & Oli. Like what, he must always believe in his dreams 😉


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