Clip “Tell me” : Orelsan tries to regain his girlfriend in mode Bollywood 🇮🇳

Clip “Tell me” : Orelsan tries to regain his girlfriend in mode Bollywood

Orelsan will never be a lack of imagination in the realization of its clips. For the “Tell me”, a new extract from the re-release of “Epilogue”, the accomplice of Gringe immerses us in the world of Bollywood to try to win back his girlfriend in the manner of a soap-opera. A video full of creativity.

After the big success of “The party’s over”, composed of tubes “Basic”, “All is well”, “Paradise”, “the Defeat of the family” and “The rain” feat: Stromae, Orelsan, has decided to offer a new edition of her album, titled “Epilogue”. The program ? Eleven unreleased songs, including “Dreams” with Damso and “Discipline”, who had the right to two very good clips. The rapper from Caen does not change his habits and continues to talk about his creativity in the “Tell me”, a new extract of the “Epilogue”. A small trip to India, it you said ?

Direction Bollywood in the movie clip “Tell me” by Orelsan

For the video of “Tell me”, Orelsan, is inspired by the world of bollywood, of which he is a fan for many years, in order to offer us a real soap-opera indian (we recognize the stops on screen, the passages in black and white and the music stressful) in which he tries to win back his girlfriend, played by Anitha Athma. “Let me explain, the problem is the alcohol That begins with a drink and my principles fly away Let me explain, the problem is the other When I try to go, they lead me to the fault, “says the accomplice of Gringe on sounds indian.

Orelsan has not done things by half between winks to classics of the indian cinema, such as “Bajirao Mastani” and “Devdas”, and the local dances. The interpreter of “Basic” place once again the bar very high with the original video of “Tell me”, performed by himself. The next will be-does it also creative ? Will t-it the video clip of “Excuses or lies”, which you can hear an extract at the end ? Case to follow.


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