Clip “VersuS” : Slimane and Vitaa announce their album common on the plateau of The Voice 🎶

Slimane and Vitaa announce their album with “VersuS”

These are two beautiful surprises that Vitaa and Slimane announced on Monday 29 April 2019 : their common album planned for the month of August and a tour together in 2020. The performers of “I give you” have unveiled a small taste of their opus with the clip of the first single “VersuS” shot on the set of The Voice.

It is a beautiful story that Slimane has to tell. In 2016, the singer tries her luck in The Voice 5, with the song of Vitaa, “flower To you”. Two years later, he joined the jury of The Voice Belgium to the sides of the accomplice Diam s… before you save it with the tube “I give you”, which accounts for 48 million views on YouTube. A duet of shock and to the delight of their fans, Slimane and Vitaa are not yet working together.

Slimane and Vitaa back in The Voice for the clip “VersuS”

In the month of January 2019, the two artists have teasé a third musical collaboration (if you include the remix of “Bella Ciao”), but it was far to imagine that it was not a simple piece : Slimane and Vitaa actually worked together on a common album, entitled “VersuS”, to discover the 23rd of August next.

A “project incredible and obvious” announced with the first extract, eponymous, in which the performers of “I give you” tells of their meeting and the beginning of their friendship : “It is crossed the first time there a few years / I have never mentioned it but on that day you gave me had touched / You had taken my words to heart, sublimated my song / anyone else would have done, I would have dropped the sound / I was driving in my car I was told to listen to / From the first notes, I’ve never said my tears were shed, “sings the author of “You shalt” before offering a small nod to Diam’s : “I’ll probably end up leave everything as is Melanie.

For his part, Slimane proclaims loud and clear “VersuS” : “Who would have thought that one day I’ll tell you all / Need that thou mayest know that I am a flower of we / I thank heaven to have you placed on my path / It was written it was safe, it was fate.” A piece very personal, therefore, just like the clip : Vitaa and the interpreter of “Luna” can be found on the set of The Voice.

A tour to 2020

In addition to their common album “VersuS”, Slimane and Charlotte Gonin, his real name will be going on tour together starting in march 2020. They will spend including Brussels, Lille, Marseille, Grenoble, Nantes, Strasbourg, Lyon, Montpellier or Paris : their concert will take place on 4 November at the Palais des Sports. The ticket office will open on Wednesday 22 may 2019 !


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