Closer than the Moon: three asteroid will fly past Earth

                                Ближе, чем Луна: три астероида пролетят мимо Земли

NASA calls these “aliens from space” are potentially dangerous.

Research center for near-earth objects NASA warns that this Saturday will fly by the Earth asteroid three. The sizes of these heavenly guests — about 20-30 meters.

The first of the asteroids (2018 VS1) approaching Earth with a speed of 9-10 km/s at 18:30 Kyiv time. He will pass by our planet is 1.4 million kilometers.

The second (2018 VR1) will appear after 15 minutes, it will fly a bit slower and will be further than the first guest is at a distance of 5 million kilometers.

The third (2018 VX1) should be expected in 23.20. It will be held much closer in 381 474 kilometers from Earth. This is about half the distance from our planet to the moon. The third asteroid is the smallest (less than 20 meters in diameter), and also the slowest.

                                Ближе, чем Луна: три астероида пролетят мимо Земли

NASA experts call these asteroids are “potentially dangerous”, but I assure you that this Saturday, their chances of collision with the Ground is small.

How wrote portal “Around the world. Ukraine”, the Japanese robot Rover sent a video from the top of the asteroid.

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