Closer to the Royal heart: favorite brooches of Queen Elizabeth II

The main passion of the Queen of Britain – pearls and brooches

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Ближе к королевскому сердцу: любимые брошки Елизаветы II

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II

Today, April 21, the day of Catholic Easter the Queen of England Elizabeth II celebrates 93 years. In honor of her birthday we have made a selection of the most remarkable outfits in the last year.

But requires special attention important and the most favorite item of the Royal wardrobe – brooches, which are not just ornaments, heritage of the family.

Brooch “Cullinan V” or “Brooch heart”

Ближе к королевскому сердцу: любимые брошки Елизаветы II

British Queen Elizabeth II and her favorite ornament “Brooch heart”

Brooch “Cullinan V” or “Brooch heart” – the most favorite ornament of the British Queen, which was made from part of the biggest diamond in the world Cullinan or as it is called “Star of Africa”. Elizabeth became the owner of that diamond after her coronation in 1953. Until then, the brooch belonged to the English Queen Mary Tekskom.

Brooch “Star Jardin”

Ближе к королевскому сердцу: любимые брошки Елизаветы II

92-year-old Queen Elizabeth II brooch “Star Jardin”

This brooch Elizabeth II received as a gift from the lady-in-waiting, lady Jardine in 1981. For making brooches in the shape of a star was used with 66 diamonds.

Sapphire brooch Prince albert

Ближе к королевскому сердцу: любимые брошки Елизаветы II

Queen Elizabeth II and sapphire brooch Prince albert

This precious brooch has a story that begins with 1840. Then Prince albert in honor of the wedding presented the brooch to his bride Queen Victoria. Sapphire decoration, studded with 12 round diamonds, Elizabeth II received the day of the ascent to the throne. And only wear it for special events in the Royal family.

The ruby brooch of Queen Victoria

Ближе к королевскому сердцу: любимые брошки Елизаветы II

The ruby brooch of Queen Victoria on the breast of Queen Elizabeth II

Brooch with two very large rubies oval and teardrop shape framed with diamonds, was created in 1854 and belonged to Queen Victoria. Elizabeth herself very carefully to her concerns, and sapphire brooch, wearing only the most important events.

Diamond brooch-bow

Ближе к королевскому сердцу: любимые брошки Елизаветы II

Diamond brooch-bow Elizabeth II

This diamond jewelry is one of the three elements of a headset brooches, but this Bantu Queen is most preferred. The set was created in 1858 and belonged to Queen Mary. The Queen herself received him at the day of the coronation.

Also see our material on the occasion of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II the evolution of her style over 66 years of rule by England.

In spite of Royal etiquette and the protocols that Elizabeth II is a living person, which can happen unpredictable and awkward moments.

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