Closing a consulate chinese: Washington evokes a “message” for Beijing to cease to be a spy

Fermeture d'un consulat chinois: Washington évoque un «message» pour que Pékin cesse d'espionner

The closure of the consulate of China in Houston, expected to come into effect on Friday, is “a message” to other diplomats the chinese to “stop” the activities of economic espionage in the United States, said a senior u.s. official.

“All of the activities of the consulate in Houston has largely crossed the line of what we were prepared to accept, and if we didn’t put an end to, they threatened to become even more aggressive, in Houston as in other chinese consulates across the country,” explained to journalists the head of the department of Justice under the guise of anonymity.

“At one point, he simply has to say “enough”,” she said a top official of the u.s. department of State. “Houston seeks to demonstrate firmly that we’re serious.”

Washington, dc, has given, Tuesday, 72 hours in Beijing to close its consulate in this city of Texas, one of the major centres of global biological research and medical, in referring to cases of espionage.

The movement was visible Friday morning in front of the building in question in Houston. People were carrying bags into a moving truck and were throwing big garbage bags in dumpsters in close proximity, has found an AFP journalist.

This diplomatic mission was “a hub of espionage and theft of intellectual property” by China, accused Thursday the head of the american diplomacy Mike Pompeo, however without mentioning the specific facts alleged against employees of the consulate.

The head of the ministry of Justice has confirmed, Friday, that the closure was rather the culmination of a process that a reply to a specific folder.

“We want to dismantle these operations to Houston and to prevent similar activities by chinese officials in other consulates”, he said. “Close the consulate in Houston and avoid that these officials settle down elsewhere” in the United States “can achieve these two goals,” he estimated.

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