Closures of consulates: Beijing critical “provocation” dangerous ” on the part of Washington

Fermetures de consulats: Pékin critique «une provocation dangereuse» de la part de Washington

Beijing | China has criticized on Tuesday the United States for what it considers a “provocation” dangerous ” that could lead to a “confrontation” in the case of the closure of the consulates, but wished that the two countries to “communicate rationally”.

In a conversation with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian, the minister of foreign Affairs of china Wang Yi has warned that sino-us relations were at risk of “falling into the depths of the confrontation” and called on the international community to avoid ” any unilateral act or hegemonic,” according to a transcript provided by the chinese ministry.

China took control Monday of the U.s. consulate in Chengdu (south-west), deserted by the american diplomats, in response to the closure by the Washington consulate chinese in Houston (Texas) last week, at the end of an episode in diplomatic evocative of the cold War.

“This dangerous incitement of the confrontation and division of the United States is totally disconnected from the real, in which the interests of China and the United States are intimately linked,” said the chinese minister.

The two countries should “seek to communicate in a rational way” and “never let a few items anti-china to question decades of exchanges and cooperation fruitful”, he added.

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