Clothes in quarantine : the fittings are to be transformed

Vêtements en quarantaine : les essayages seront transformés

The fitting clothes will be much different from before at the re-opening of retail shops on Monday in Montreal, so that pieces would be steam cleaned and quarantined between two fittings.

Several banners in quebec to use creativity in order to put in place strict measures to accommodate in-store customers, such as La Vie en Rose, which sells mainly underwear and swimwear.

No question that all the world comes to the goods. “Usually our clients are aware of their sizes, so they will have to ask the employees to handle the items in the store. After the fitting, the employee will have to take it with gloves on what the client has tried and just move to steam to be sure that everything is disinfected. Then, we must put these clothes in quarantine for 24 hours in the back store, before putting it back on the floor,” says François Roberge, president of the lingerie stores La Vie en Rose.

The fitting rooms will be available, but with protocols hygienic severe.



“We have done tests in shops that are located outside of Montreal and is only opened one to two booths per shop. It takes a lot of maintenance to clean a cabin, because it cleans everything, from the hook to the small bench on which the woman sits, up to the door handle. Nothing is forgotten”, illustrates Mr. Roberge.

The retailer Sports Experts has also put protocols in place tight, and not only for its clothing.

“For our bike section, it allows the client’s in-store sit down for the try, but the minute that the bike has been tampered with or touched, it is disinfected with cleaning products. In the case of a bike that is reported to an exchange or a repair, we will clean and we will put it in quarantine for 24 to 48 hours”, gives the example of Jean Thériault, vice-president and general manager of Sports Experts.



To ensure that the health rules are respected, shoe stores, Rubino Shoes will provide on-site nylon stockings.

“If a customer wants to try on a pair of shoes or sandals, they are asked to disinfect hands first and gives him a free pair of nylon stockings disposable that he needs to to try the shoe,” said Angelo Rubino, vice-president of Rubino Shoes.

The customer service should also be done according to the smallest possible distance of two metres between customers and employees in all stores.


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