Club illico is recruiting Philippe Falardeau

Club illico recrute Philippe Falardeau

Philippe Falardeau will conduct its first-ever tv series in 2021. Entitled As take the raspberries and for the Club illico, this comedy-drama written by Florence Longpré will take place in agricultural areas.

Produced by Trio Orange, in collaboration with Quebecor’s Content, As many take raspberries will include 10 one-hour episodes. The action will revolve around a farmer novice.

Club illico recrute Philippe Falardeau

Photo archivesFlorence Longpré

In the interview, Florence Longpré, who is working on writing with Suzie Bouchard (ALT, The hour is serious), speaks to workers, exiles, and a daughter-in-family ” enough éclopée “. All, sprinkled with several communication problems. “It is a beautiful melting pot of characters, summarizes the author of hear Me-you? on the phone. It is very sprawling as the subject. “

The shootings are planned next summer.

Philippe Falardeau will make the leap to the small screen after having spent the past 20 years to make films like the left half of The fridge (2000), Monsieur Lazhar (2011) and Guibord was going to war (2015). “The tv is increasingly invested with a breath film, says the filmmaker. For the past 10 years, the series are taking over. “

This project comes at an opportune time for Falardeau. “In my creative life, I was hitting a few walls. I rewrote my last film 17 times. I’ve deposited several times to the institutions… It usually takes five years between the moment I have an idea, and one where everything is finished. I had the taste to brew it, to do things differently. “

Not politically correct

The paths of Philippe Falardeau and Florence Longpré crossed last year during a session of “dating” creative ” organized by Trio Orange. The box in montreal was courting the filmmaker for some time. The chemistry was operated on immediately.

“I had seen to Me do you hear? before even knowing that I was going to meet Florence, says Falardeau. I liked her ability to be raw, to have a language that is not ‘politically correct’. These are things that I have endorsed in my career. I’ve never done the ‘politically correct’. “

With no experience in tv writing, the director was looking for a writer to take ownership of an idea that it was on hold for a good ten years.

“I’ve made a few films outside of the urban centres, as It is not me, I swear and Congorama. And each time, it was the most beautiful experiences. I fell into an environment that was not quite me. “

“It’s really fun to put into words the idea of Philip, says Florence Longpré. I filler, really. “

A liberating experience

Used to make scenarios that he lays himself, Philippe Falardeau takes pleasure in developing a project in a new way.

“Usually it’s me who write. It is I who have the nose stuck on it. For the first time, I had to decline. There is something extremely liberating. I like what I read. I laugh. I find it moving. “

Philippe Flardeau is also preparing a documentary series about the rail accident in Lac-Mégantic in 2013. His most recent feature film, My Salinger Year, has recently found a distributor in the United States. No release date has yet been announced.

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