Club illico: series in quebec at the summit of the screenings

Club illico: les séries québécoises au sommet des visionnements

The tv here has yet and always popular. The list of the most popular series on Club illico proves it once again.

Seven of the top 10 productions of the most popular on the platform of Videotron since the beginning of the year have been imagined, written and filmed in Québec.

Thanks to the immense popularity of the original works, the top 3 belongs to the artists and creators in quebec. With Laurence Deschênes in the title role, the appointment of youth “The complicated life of Lea Olivier” throne at the top, ahead of the drama “My son” taken by Antoine L’écuyer and Élise Guilbault, as well as the suspense mystery “The loophole” of which the gloomy survey is being conducted by Isabel Richer and Alexandre Landry.

The third and ultimate season of the youth series “The Academy” (4th place), the second version of the comedy “Paul” (6th), but also the first (8th), and the universe the comedy of “King Street” (10th) are not left out.

Only the series “Lord” (5th), “The 100” (7th) and “The heirs” (9) prevent a tidal wave from quebec.

“Club illico is an exceptional showcase to promote the culture here, and our creators. The best way to support our artists, this is undoubtedly to consume local content on the platforms in quebec. We can rejoice in these results!” expressed Caroline Paquet, vice-president of Marketing and Content at Videotron, in a statement issued Friday.

“The slip”, another original production from the Club illico, now available as new episodes. The third and final season of the show in the steering wheel which is found Camille Felton is available in its entirety.

The top 10 of the Club illico since January 1,

1. “The complicated life of Lea Olivier”

2. “My son”

3. “The flaw”

4. “The Academy” (season 3)

5. “Lord”

6. “Leo” (season 2)

7. “The 100”

8. “Leo” (season 1)

9. “The heirs”

10. “Street King”

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