Club illico will draw a Portrait-robot

Club illico tracera un Portrait-robot

Rachel Gratton, Sophie Lorain and Rémy Girard will be the featured Portrait-robot, a new police series for the Club illico.

Written by André Gulluni (Origami, Rock paper scissors) based on an original idea by Sophie Lorain and Alexis-Durand-Brault, Portrait-robot will trace the path of Eve Garance, a portraitist of judicial authority to solve crimes sordid committed in Montreal. In parallel, the young woman try to solve a case much more personal : to discover what happened to his son, who disappeared five years earlier.

Rachel Graton (The Simone, various Facts) inherited the lead role. “I love the depth of Rachel, his mysterious side,” explains the director Alexis Durand-Brault (The rescue of Beatrice, The galley).

Sophie Lorain

For their part, Rémy Girard and Sophie Lorain will camp his colleagues. The first will play Bernard “Mastiff” Dupin, an investigator of experience, a little gruff to the methods of old school. The second will defend Maryse Ferron, the director of the investigations Unit of the police service. Attached to the phone, Sophie Lorain describes his character as a workaholic.

“This is a woman who has not had an easy life, sums up the actress. She is suffering from a disease of the bones. She is in a wheelchair. It is a tough bone crystal. “

A few roles have not yet been assigned, including that of a crime scene by the name of Anthony.

Rémy Girard

“A new formula “

Portrait-robot will be produced by ALSO (The invisible), the production box by Sophie Lorain and Alexis Durand-Brault, in collaboration with Quebecor Content. The tandem has set the project in motion in January 2019 after you have met a true portraitist.

“It was an inspiring meeting, stresses Sophie Lorain. What we usually see on tv, it is portraits that are pretty sketchy, pretty robotic. But it is much more complex, as work. It requires a lot of deduction. It is necessary to go into the memories of the people, it have to be a little manipulative… “

“Humbly, I believe that it is a new formula, a new way of telling a show ‘s policeman “, adds Alexis Durant-Brault.

Filming this fall

The shooting of Portrait-robot will begin this fall. The first season will have 10 episodes. Any adjustments to the scenario has been made to comply with the health measures. “There was no big love scenes, says Sophie Lorain. All we hope is that there will be no second wave of the COVID-19. “

“Given that it will soon allow actors to play at least a distance of one metre for 15 minutes per day, it is enough to make a long way,” says Alexis Durand-Brault.

Portrait-robot will land on Club illico in 2021.

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