CMJ: patience will be required

CMJ: patience will be required

Players, coaches, referees and staff who will compete in the World Junior Hockey Championship (WJC) will have a lot of time to spare in the coming days.

The 10 teams taking part in the prestigious tournament arrived in Edmonton on Sunday evening and everyone involved will be required to self-quarantine for a period of four days.

Thus, they will be in isolation in their hotel room, even for meals. The people concerned will be able to reconnect with their compatriots as soon as they have completed this period and have received five negative results for the COVID-19 tests to undergo.

They will then have to respect another isolation period of three days when they will not have the right to have contact with members of other formations.

That will lead to December 20, when the preseason games begin. From then on, participants will be able to fully experience the “bubble city”.

Concretely, this means that players, coaches, referees and other staff will not be able to leave the secure area which includes the hotel, the arena and the training rink being close to each other. Participants will be limited in the hotel to their team’s floor as well as to the meeting and catering rooms assigned to their club. If anyone leaves the secure area, they will not be able to return and will have to return home.

In addition, everyone must wear the mask at all times, except during games, training and meals. Spitting and shaking hands with rivals will also be prohibited.

WJC 2021 will start on December 25 and end on January 5.

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