Coach and dietitian Kate Middleton told how to lose weight after giving birth (photo)

Тренер и диетолог Кейт Миддлтон рассказала, как похудеть после родов (фото)

23 APR Kate Middleton wowed the audience, released from the hospital after a few hours after birth. 36-year-old wife of Prince William, which gave birth to her third child, looked great — however the same as after the previous two pregnancies.

Fitness expert Louise Parker, who worked with the Duchess of Cambridge after the birth of her son George in 2013, told the publication People how to lose weight after childbirth. She said the key is consistency in following a healthy lifestyle. “We are talking about how to take care of himself — that is, to live right”, says the owner of a private clinic in London.

Exercise is important, but there is no need for long, high-intensity exercises. I don’t believe in the effectiveness of grueling workouts — especially in the period after birth, “—says Parker. At the time she experienced postnatal depression and believes that too aggressive an approach only exacerbates the psychological problems and aggravates the young mother a sense of anxiety.

A workout should challenge you, but to increase the intensity should be gradually and slowly, “she says.

What exactly exercises should concentrate the woman who recently gave birth to a child? According to Louise, first of all, the correction requires posture, which could be violated during the pregnancy. In this connection, you need to choose movements that straighten the chest, strengthen the upper back, abdominal muscles and buttocks.

Parker is campaigning for the so-called cardio sculpt — combination of aerobic exercise and those that strengthen the muscles. “It’s really an effective way, as it simultaneously burns fat and toniziruyut muscles. So, instead of doing a normal squat, follow it with additional movements — for example, use of hands or standing up, pull one leg out to the side to get to work the smaller muscles, “says Louise.

One of the examples of the favorite exercises Parker: standing straight, wide step to the side with your right foot. Bending the right leg at the knee, bend forward and touch left hand to right foot. The left leg remains straight. The chest is expanded, and the body weight transferred on your toes. Then push off the right foot and straighten up to the starting position. To repeat the same lunge to the left. Continue alternating lunges for a minute. This exercise involves several muscle groups.

The expert, which grows three daughters, says the mother, of course, it is difficult to find the time to do them. “But if you will strive to ensure that at least a little exercise every day, there are chances that you will eventually be able to train four times a week. And it’s wonderful, “—says Louise.

Exercise should become a habit. Try to walk more to and from work. The stairs, forgoing the Elevator. Ride a bike through the Park with the kids. Louise says she is trying to use every free minute. For example, while she’s taking a bath in the evening at home, it is time to do a few dozen sit-UPS or push-UPS.

As for the food, the expert recommends three main meals every day and two small snacks. “Until then, until we reach the goal, we should completely abandon the “white” carbs”, says Luiz, referring to the potatoes, bread, sugar, white rice, pastries.

A good choice is oatmeal or granola, grilled chicken, fish, lentils, vegetables. “I like to season the vegetables with garlic, ginger, herbs or lemon — it makes the taste more interesting, “—says Parker.


Тренер и диетолог Кейт Миддлтон рассказала, как похудеть после родов (фото)

Тренер и диетолог Кейт Миддлтон рассказала, как похудеть после родов (фото)

Louise Parker

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