Coach Mikey Garcia, Lomachenko was advised to stay away from his ward

Тренер Майкі Гарсії порадив Ломаченку триматися подалі від свого підопічного

The coach thinks that Basil loses to Mikey

Famous American of Mexican origin coach Robert Garcia in an interview with the portal EsNews told about his impressions of the fight for the title WBA and WBO lightweight title (to 61.2 kg) between the Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko (12-1, 9 KOs) and Puerto Rican Jose Pedroso (25-2, 12 KO’s).

He also believed that Basil would be the problem with the American prospect light weight Teoma Lopez (11-0, 9 KO’s).

“Previously, people have different opinions. Some say that he is talented and would destroy Mikey, but after Saturday’s fight changed my opinion. I’ve heard of a few people who say that Scrap will win t-Shirts, others say that he should stay away from Mikey, and I hear it from everyone. I also see it. You have to be realistic. Yes, he’s very talented, but Mike is very strong,” said the coach.

“Lomachenko is well activated, but not “finished” Pedras. Body shots paralyze you, but Jose stood up. He has a big heart, he was in good shape and wanted to win. He did not win but took three or four rounds,” continued Robert Garcia.

“Who will be the next opponent of Vasyl? Definitely not Mikey. Scrap, stay away from Mikey. If he wants to, he can rise to 63.5 kg and fight with Jose Ramirez. Also I think Lomachenko will Teilo Lopez,” concluded the coach.

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