Coach of “Vorskla” Sachko: we shot Ourselves in the ridiculous goal in the match against “Karabakh”

Тренер «Ворскли» Сачко: Самі собі привезли безглуздий гол у матчі з «Карабахом»

Photo: FC “Vorskla”

And Arthur, who made a fatal mistake specialist wants to talk in a relaxed atmosphere

The coach of the Vorskla Basil Sachko commented on the defeat of his players in the Europa League match against Qarabag (0:1).

The words of the coach quoted the official website of Poltava club.

“We made mistakes, we shot ourselves in the offensive, ridiculous goal. Such was the impression that fast and technical players of “Karabakh” is better adapted to grass,” he said.

“In the first half we knew the maneuvers, but we summed the errors in simple situations. This error led to the goal. Arthur had the options to roll back to the goalkeeper, to turn, out to knock out for a corner, anything, but not what happened,” the coach added.

According to nets, in the second time “Garabagh” in defence.

“And we are unable to break the opponent’s defense. There were a few moments after standards, but are unable to implement them”, – he said.

“Arthur? It is difficult now to say something, you can tell a lot, there are thoughts I have… We in a relaxed environment let us examine this point, to communicate with him. The player is still very qualified, technical, literate. Anyway, it benefits the “Vorskla” – summed up the coach.

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