Coach who humiliated his players: the team president made remarks “not worthy of a person occupying [this] position”

Coach who humiliated his players: the team president has made remarks “not worthy of a person occupying [this] position”


The president of the Élites de Jonquière, whose coach resigned in the controversy last week, made remarks that were “unacceptable” and “not worthy of a person occupying [this] position”, said ruled the Integrity Protection Committee (ICC) in sport.  

“The CPI is of the opinion that Mr. Simard should have exercised restraint, regardless of the circumstances […]”, wrote the commissioners. 

This is what we reads in a decision of the CPI, of which our Office of Investigation obtained a copy. Despite his reproaches, the members of the Committee rejected the complaint for threats filed by the president of Hockey Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Patrice Fillion. 

Messages sent via social networks by Mr. Simard to Mr. Fillion were at the heart of the complaint. They had been written in the wake of complaints made by five players against Arnaud Dubé, coach of the Elites at the time, last season. Mr. Simard had also been targeted by these complaints, but they had been dismissed by the Committee.  

Our Investigation Office revealed last Thursday that Mr. Dubé allegedly made homophobic remarks towards its players in addition to encouraging them to injure themselves during training. He announced his resignation the same day. 

“We will take care of you. […] I have some nice surprises for you,” Mr. Simard wrote to Mr. Fillion, according to the decision of the Committee, a copy of which our Bureau of Inquiry obtained.  

Lack of judgment

Mr. Simard admitted to being the author of the messages and to having “lack of judgment in the circumstances”, we read in the decision. He would have explained his actions by “his desire to defend the stakeholders of the Elites affected by the various complaints against them in recent months”, including those against Arnaud Dubé. He also alleges that Mr. Fillion wanted to interfere in the affairs of the Élites, in particular because his son was not retained by the team.

The CPI dismissed the complaint. Its three members considered it inappropriate to take action against Mr. Simard, in particular because Mr. Fillion would not have felt really threatened. Note that the Committee is not a court, but has the power to recommend.

According to the decision, Mr. Simard expressed “remorse” and acknowledged that his comments were “inappropriate”. 

“Although the messages conveyed by Mr. Simard are unacceptable, the CPI is d 'opinion that these are not real threats, but rather a very bad reaction to a situation which affected him deeply and which had persisted since long before the hearings before the CPI “said the members of the Committee.&nbsp ; 

Joined by our Bureau of Investigation, Mr. Fillion specified that “the situation is particular between the region and this organization”. 

“Since the beginning of this story, they are angry following our denunciations [aimed in particular at the coach]”, he added. 

The management of the Elites of Jonquière refused our request for interview.

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